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We Heart Online Freight Forwarding Services

Sallaum Group was founded in Switzerland back in 1985. Since then, the company has expanded its presence across Europe to provide continent-wide freight services and solutions to brands across industries. Over the years, we’ve been able to establish a reputation that precedes us. We’ve become one of the oldest freight forwarding companies in Switzerland for exporting RoRo shipments. On top of that, as specialized forwarding agents in car carrier services, we’ve expanded our networking system in Europe, mainly in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and Italy, to facilitate the high demand of activities to various ports of discharge; mainly in West Africa and Libya. We stand for customer focused and tech-enabled online freight forwarding services and solutions that foster prosperous and sustainable end-results.

Our Team
Our services are driven by highly experienced and motivated experts. We value diversity to combine the best of both worlds: expertise and innovation.
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Our Agents
We facilitate your cargoes’ movement, and arrange for their arrival at different destinations in Europe and West Africa.
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Our Ports
We handle the customs clearance of shipments at export and import, and arrange to pick them up at origin and destination.
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Our Parks
If you’re looking to ship your vehicles within Europe, and need a facility to store them, we’ll help you out.
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Expertise Meets Technology

Proactively offering intuitive digital freight forwarding solutions from experience.

Our Vision

Standing for Frictionless Freight Forwarding

We aim to reduce the complexity of freight forwarding services by proactively digitizing core processes to deliver highly transparent, frictionless and sustainable digital supply chains.

Our Mission

Customizing Each Solution to Perfectly Fit Your Business Needs

On a mission to create scalable freight solutions powered by technology that serve our clients’ business objectives. Our digital freight forwarding services are designed case by case with a team of experts committed to your success.

Anything You Need, Our Logistics Experts Will Assist You

How do you know which freight service is right for your business needs? We’ll help you figure out the best option(s).