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Air Freight - Deliver Your Shipments Faster

When you need it fast, you need air freight. We provide an integrated network of transport options by air and ground which gives you a wide range of air freight options. Needless to say, without having to make multiple calls to find the best rates. Your shipment’s size and time delivery are matched to the perfect aircraft. If your deadline does not meet a scheduled flight, your shipment can be transported via a dedicated air cargo charter service. Sallaum Group’s air freight team is always up to date with the latest requirements in air freight compliance. With first-hand knowledge of local conditions, rules and regulations, in Europe and abroad, we swiftly handle all administrative and documentation procedures. This includes customs clearance, security, license requirements and compliance with other countries’ regulations. For your air freight cargo to arrive safely, on time and on budget, our team is dedicated to providing fast and reliable quality services based on profound industry knowledge, immense training and solid networks.


What Can You Expect from Air Freight Shipping?

Supplies, parts and finished products always arrive in perfect condition.
Through multiple transportation channels across the globe or within the country, your cargo will be delivered in no time.
Due to a dedicated 24/7 customer service, and detailed air cargo tracking information; regardless of your freight’s size.
Book a shipping request by calling or online with straightforward instructions and understandable terms and conditions.
Temperature Controlled
We pay attention to sensitive cargoes that require a specific temperature.

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