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Ocean Freight - Deliver Your Shipments Across Oceans

When you need to deliver oversized and enormous volumes of cargos, you need land freight transportation. Sallaum Group’s land transportation division provides our customers with safe and secure RoRo, full-container-load (FCL) and less-than-container-load (LCL) services they need for their regional and international shipments. Our service is unparalleled thanks to our wide network of professional carriers in Europe and other continents. Sallaum Group’s ocean freight team can offer you frequent departures, and the capacity you need to and from every major port in the world. Whether your shipping needs are complex or straightforward and whatever your goods are, we have experienced employees with extensive knowledge of local and international export and import compliance. Our team will assist you in understanding each country’s requirements as well as local pickup and last mile delivery.


What Can You Expect from Ocean Freight Shipping?

High Shipping Capacity
Ability to transport large numbers of shipments and bulky products. In addition to small shipments combined together.
Fewer Restrictions
Compared to shipping by air, ocean freight can be sensitive and hazardous such as flammable or biochemical medicines.
Compared to air transportation, ships have lower carbon footprints, and emit fewer grams of exhaust gas emissions per ton of cargo.

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