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Vehicle Storage

A Proven Track Record in Developing Successful Vehicle Storage Solutions

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Vehicle Storage

Your Vehicle is in the Safest Hands

Sallaum Group has the extra space your vehicles need. Our vehicle storage facility solves issues concerning parking space limitations, and provides the added security benefit of keeping your vehicles at a secure facility. Sallaum Group has vehicle storage spaces that vary between open spaces and 3 floors to accommodate any sized vehicle. With easy access and an experienced team in loading and unloading as well as assisting truck drivers, our facility is readily and securely available for rent.

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Reclaim Your Space - Use Our Garage!

If you are looking for a vehicle storage facility for rent in Europe, you have landed on the right page. Store your car or any vehicle for that matter at one of our underground garages where it will be safeguarded like our own. Our garages are built to last with roof and wall systems that the toughest weather conditions can’t beat. As our client, you’ll be treated by helpful and experienced staff in a professional environment.

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